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Research is givin a high priority with results that translate to an important recognition at national and international levels.

This is reflected in the 123 projects that we have carried out in the last 10 years with the support of the Ford Foundation, Mellon Foundation, Merllet Foundation, GDN, Inter-American Development Bank, I.A.D.B., among other national organizations.

Applied research

Through the development of projects for public and private companies, the DII has strengthened its integrating approach for the country's development.

This translates into the tools that have allowed improving the practices in management, through technological transference, to the different industries of the national economy.

The systemic knowledge resulting of this research is being applied in fields such as transportation , public policies, modernization of the State, environment, education and leadership skills, among others.


Research consists of three major areas

EconomicsApplied Economics Center (CEA)

Management: Management Center (CEGES)

Operations:Operations Management Center (CGO)

Distinctive projects

Economics(See more)

Management(See more)

Operations(See more)

Other areas(See more)