Industrial Engineering

Mathematical and Physical Sciences Faculty
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About the DII

Máximo Bosch
Headmaster of the Industrial Engineering Department

The Industrial Engineering Department is part of the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Faculty of University of Chile, the biggest and most important center of engineering and science of the country.

It was founded in the 1950 decade.

Is the biggest department inside the faculty and the main training center of industrial civil engineers in the country.

It dictates programs of quality to post-degree level and courses in the areas of management and applied economy.

In this center are fulfilled high level investigations which contribute to the improvement of the country's companies and institutions.

It has a wide and outstanding international entailment with prestigious academic centers.


Our mission

To be leaders in Latin America in the Management and Economy training linked with technology, and to develop investigation with international recognition.

In an atmosphere of diversity which foments the capacity to innovate, the personal abilities and the commitment with the country.

Our values

Freedom of thought and expression.

Excellence and rigorousness.

Creativity and innovation.

Diversity and plurality.

Our strengths

Leadership in the development of the disciplines mentioned: quantitative management, applied economy and directive abilities.

A wide national and international network of graduated students in positions of relevance in private and public organisms.

Excellent academic staff.